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Custom Golf Balls

One of the main ingredients for a golf tournament. Originally golf balls were made from wood sometime in the 17th century. It would later be replaced by a sewn leather pouch stuffed with goose feathers and encased in a cowhide. These would sell for 10 to 20 dollars and an experienced ball maker could only make a few a day. Thank goodness for modern technology! Logo golf balls are plentiful and not nearly as expensive as they used to be.

A nice touch for your tournament or outing could be to give each player a sleeve of balls. From years of golf experience, we know that you can not have enough golf balls. Below are some of the brands we have access to. You can have your name or logo imprinted on any of these; from one color to full color.

Titleist Golf Balls Callaway Golf Balls
Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls  Callaway Golf Balls 
Wilson Golf Balls Pinnacle Golf Balls TaylorMade Golf Balls
Wilson Golf Balls Pinnacle Gold Golf Balls TaylorMade Golf Balls
Srixon Golf Balls
Srixon Golf Balls  

Nike Golf Ball Kit

We also offer a variety of ways to give the golf balls as well. We can do gift packages with imprinted balls. This example includes imprinted tees and your name or logo imprinted on the top of the bag as well.. An example of this is shown to the left. 

We can also do a souvenir ball. This ball will come imprinted with your name/logo and includes anSouvenir Golf Ball acrylic case for display. One or both sides can be imprinted that could include the name of golf course played with their logo and your organizations logo as well. Truly a very unique gift that many people are sure to appreciate.

For a complete list of all the golf balls that we have access to or discuss what we can do for your outing please call us at 1-800-240-8639 8am -5pm EST or click on the Contact Us link below.

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