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How to Increase Your Golf Outing Profits

According to Statisticbrain.com there are approximately 29 million golfers in the U.S. with many attending 143,000 golf events. These events raise $3.9 BILLION annually. The average golf event has 80 golfers and raises around $5,000.00. Your event may be doing more or less depending on a number of factors.

The purpose of this article is to help you do much better. The biggest question is how do you increase your bottom line? Nearly every golf tournament wants to have the participants leave with something to remember the outing by. With hundreds of items to choose from, what would be the best?

Contour Bottle Golf Gift SetOne suggestion is a golf kit. This is due to the fact that you can place a differnent logo on each item at no additional cost. Let's take a look at item# KKZYB-FCGCK - The Contour Bottle Golf Gift Set. This kit comes with:

The towel could have one corporate sponsor along with the event name, the sports bottle with a different corporate sponsor and event name and so on for 4 of the 5 items. There is no imprint on the Tees with this package.

Let’s say you have 100 golfers. The cost would be $824.00 ($679 for the kits, $120 setup and $25.00 for artwork creation and virtual proofs) Shipping would be additional and depend on your location. If you offered sponsor imprints for $400.00 you raise an extra $1,600. The kits are now paid for and you have an additional $700+ net profit. That could be a 14% or more increase if you were making $5,000 previously. The profit percentage would be even higher if you normally make less than $5000.00. There are many corporations/businesses that would spend the $400, or more, to get their name on those items, especially if they were also participating in the outing. All you have to do is just ask. The worst they can say is no. Even if you only got one sponsor, for one item, you have earned at least $400 more than you would have.

Scramble Pic Golf ToolAnother favorite item of ours is the Scramble Pic (item# VFAUF-IETNA). This is basically a billboard that allows up to 10 logos. The Scramble Pic allows the players to pick up their ball without getting out of the cart, thus allowing much faster play, reduces back strain, and not to mention falling out of the cart when the players try to lean down to pick the ball up by hand (sometimes while the cart is moving too!). Each Scramble Pic comes with a magnet that allows it to attach to the window frame of the cart for easy access. This also keeps the sponsor’s logos in front of every golfer, not just for this round but for many rounds in the future.

Sell each logo spot for $500.00. Each piece runs about $19.49 per unit for a quantity of 100, so your cost would be $1,949 (plus setup and shipping). That leaves approx. $3,000 for your charity.

These two items aren't the only ones we can help you co-brand for profit! Other suggestions would be duffel bags, cooler bags, golf towels, hats, shirts, etc...we can show you how!

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