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Custom Imprinted Golf Tees

Probably one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business or organization during a golf tournament. Although they are small, you can fit at least your name and a phone number on them with no problem.

We have multiple options when it comes to golf tees: You can choose from plastic or wooden shafts. One color or assorted colors. Regular or low friction (specialty items). See chart below for easy reference.

2-1/8" imprinted golf tee
2-1/4" Golf Tee
2-3/4" golf tee
2-3/4" Golf Tee
3-1/4" golf tee
3-1/4" Golf Tee
2 Imprint Color Golf Tee
2 Imprint Color
Cup Imprint Golf Tee
Cup Imprint
Cup & Shank Imprinted Golf Tee
Cup and Shaft Imprint
Zero Friction Golf Tee
Zero Friction Golf Tee


Besides doing bulk imprinted golf tees, we can also package several of them up as handouts for your tournament or outing. Some examples are shown below:

1 Ball Tee Pack
1 ball tee pack
2 ball tee pack
2 ball tee tube
3 Ball tee pack
3 ball tee pack
6 tee pack
Tee and marker pack

If you like what you see here, follow this link to our golf tournament gift shop to make a purchase or give us a call at 1-800-240-8639.

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