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Personalized Golf Accessories by The Initials Co.

Whether this is your first golf tournament or the 25th year for it, the need for a unique golf tee prize is always at the top of the list. What if we could show you a way to personalize the gift you give to your players on the spot when they show up for registration?

Enter The Initials Company. They offer a distinctive way to show your appreciation to your employees, clients, friends or family members with a personalized gift. Imagine being able to give (for example) Steve McWilliams a Golf Shoe bag with his initials SM and your logo on it too!

Medallion with Initials
Initial Medallions
Stock Medallions
Stock Medallions
Custom Medallions
Custom Medallions - (50 piece minimum)
This product is designed to personalize your gift with name initials. For example, SM for Steve McWilliams.

There are 676 possible two letter combinations in the English language,
and we carry them all.

The in-stock prefabricated medallion program offers a variety of messages and designs.

Also, every combination between 01 - 99 is offered too! Great for sports players. Put their initials and jersey number on their gift!
Mind = Blown.
Create a custom medallion with your logo on it. Make sure your players never forget who gave them this incredibly thoughtful gift.

How It Works

Step 1 - Choose a product from the selection of personalized golf gifts

Step 2 - Let us help you design a medallion if ordering a custom one or choose from the stock collection of medallions. Allow up to 4 weeks prior to your event for the custom medallions to be made.

Step 3 - Once the medallions are in, simply submit us your list of names via a Word Document or Excel Spreadsheet. If you still have players who haven't registered yet and think they still might show up, send us your entire invite list and we will have those initial medallions shipped to you. When the event is over, simply ship the extra initial medallions back for a credit.

Step 4 - For those players who have confirmed, we will ship your item with the medallions already "nested" in an attractive gift bag (as pictured below)

Initials Gift Bagged Initials Gift Bagged

Step 5: Received Thunderous Applause from your golf tournament players for such as awesome and thoughtful gift

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